Flooding The Quiet and Drowning The Weak



As I think back of my life so far the only constant thing has been 

Everything must change.

There’s a million people with a million ideas

Heads spinning,




Everyone is wrong.

A theorist forms an idea,

A writer forms the same idea differently on a page,

And a critic runs with something different still.

A sea of thoughts ideas and opinions

flooding the quiet

and drowning the weak

Everyone interpolating each others work

Copy, cut, paste, edit.

The sea needs waves

like a heart needs a beat.


Everything must change.


Word Of The Day: Interpolate

via: http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/


1: to change (as a text) by inserting new or foreign matter b : to insert (words) into a text or into a conversation
: to insert (something) between other things or parts : to make insertions
: to estimate values of (data or a function) between two known values



Why Didn’t I Think Of That? Wednesday! 7/23/2014

7dbfdd30cb69e099c0406227b3fc727c Ask anyone who knows me: I am always forgetting things. Saw this on Pinterest and had another “DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. If there’s something important I am suppose to remember, I forget it. So: I write everything down. BUT, if I don’t have one of my planners/calenders/agendas handy (I have a total of 5, no joke.) I usually stick it on a post it note, put the post-it in my purse and my purse swallows it whole. But with these, it’d be hanging on my wrist until I wrote it somewhere more permanent! Ugh, such a good idea! Now, where do I find me some of these?

Wish List Wednesday! 7/23/2014


WRECK THIS JOURNAL. I’ve been hearing so much about these! I feel like this is one of my more realistic Wish List Wednesday posts because you can find one of these at any Wall-mart or Target. I think once I have a little extra cash I will have to try this out. I am a huge journaler, can’t wait!

WOTD: fiduciary (Short story)

Time to get prompty, here’s the word of the day! Write a poem, a short story, tell me about a memory!

“Fiduciary relationships often concern money, but the word “fiduciary” does not, in and of itself, suggest financial matters. Rather, “fiduciary” applies to any situation in which one person justifiably places confidence and trust in someone else and seeks that person’s help or advice in some matter.” – http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/

Here’s my response:


A short story- By Melodee Awker

                   Pulling into his clients driveway, Saul Parker was confident that this case would be an easy one. He was defending Mrs. Gloria Edgewood, a widowed women of age 82 who has been accused to lifting a diamond necklace from a display case at the local pawn shop. Stepping out of his cruiser Mr. Parker walked up to the quiet little house and knocked on the door with his usual confident swagger. And with a tap tap tap, Mrs. Edgewood opened the door to greet him. She wore her night gown and plush violet colored robe and a welcoming smile. At only five feet tall she was hardly a criminal at large, or so it would seem.

               “You must be Mr. Parker,” she said sweetly.

               “How do you do Mrs. Edgewood? Yes, I’m Saul Parker and I am your court appointed attorney for your court hearing on the seventeenth of this month.” He held out his hand and she shook it.

              “Please call me Gloria, come in.” He stepped inside the little house. “Would you like some coffe? The pot just finished.” He nodded. “Take a seat at the table.”  Saul looked around the little house and noticed there wasn’t an inch of wall space that was empty. Shelves mounted on the wall were filled with trinkets and figurines of all sorts.

            Gloria sat and Saul pulled out a note pad and pen. “So, Gloria, the claim is last Wednesday you were in Goodman’s Pawn outlet looking around and a sales clerk by the name of..” He looked through his notes. “Bethenney, says she opened a jewelry case for you to look in, she turned her back to answer the phone and then says when she got back to the case you were gone and so was one 429 dollar necklace. Now, this girl is 19 years old and a new hire, so my guess is she is the culprit and tried to pin it on some sweet elderly woman walking in i.e. yourself, Gloria Edgewood.”

          “I see.” Gloria said, twiddling her fingers. The old woman looked innocently at Saul and developed a bit of a grin. “May I tell you something Mr. Parker?”

          “Of course,” Saul replied. “Anything and everything. The client attorney relationship is a fiduciary one.”

          “Bethenney did not take that necklace.” She said as she touched something hanging from her neck, hidden beneath her robe.